What I do is re-teach the letter formations using the “Handwriting Without Tears” approach. With the “Handwriting Without Tears” you use many different materials to “build” the letters. I will not only re-teach letter formation, but they will also learn proper posture and pencil grip. I refer to the letters using the “Alpha Friends“ which is what the children are currently being taught in school so they will also get more re-enforcement in this area as well. They will also learn some basic sentence writing skills. I have found that a half hour twice a week in a relaxed small setting is most affective and that allows me to work at the child’s individual pace.

What I’m offering is a program where I will come and work with your child twice a week for a half hour, for 10 weeks. I will provide all materials and a writing workbook. A 10 week program cost $300 which breaks down to $15 a session or $30 a week. If you sign up for a 10 week program I will take off $50 so it will only be $250 for a 10 week program.

Here is a flyer for TNT Handwriting Camp