3 Ways to keep penmanship looking good over the summer

In the summer to keep the kids penmanship looking good have them practice about five minutes a day. Here are three ways we sneak writing practice in:

    • Have them help add items to the shopping list
      • Especially if it is something they want.


    • Have them keep a summer or vacation journal
      • Each day have them write about something they did or something they saw.


  • Write in the sand, mud or on the sidewalk

Keep the practice light and fun.  Give them praise when they write the letter correctly.  Positive reinforcement is a great confidence builder.   The more confidence they have the better their penmanship will get.  If they make a mistake, just point to the letter and tell them you know they can do better and ask them to try again.

When writing a journal entry, keep the child’s ability in mind.  For a youngster one or two words are enough for older children two or three sentences.

These activities also give you a chance to spend a little time connecting with your child and seeing the world through their eyes.

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