Penmanship is Important

Penmanship is important today and penmanship is not fading away just because we are using computers to write reports and our phones for texting. We just think handwriting is a thing of the past. But when I go to the doctor’s office I am given a pen, clipboard and attached to the clipboard is a one or two page form for me to fill out. This year I have filled out five parent permission slips so my daughter could attend church or school sponsored events. When I am working with others, I am writing notes on a piece of paper. At home we have a shopping list on the refrigerator, that we add items to as we think of them. I believe at schools of all levels that most test are still done on paper. I also believe the majority of grade school assignments are completed on paper, too.

Penmanship is something most of us take for granted, because we learned it long ago and use it every day. We have forgotten how proud we were, the first time we wrote our name. Today it is still an import accomplishment. Penmanship is not fading away, because it is a building block for us to learn the letters.

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